What is Tax Relief and how do I qualify?
Tax relief is a program that the IRS put into practice years ago to allow taxpayers to Potentially Settle Tax Debts for a percentage of what is owed. Tax Relief is available on different levels depending on your tax situation. While the IRS does not openly promote these programs, you can call and speak to one of our tax consultants to determine if you qualify for tax relief at 855-338-8070.
How long does this process normally take?
The process typically takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to resolve. Determining on how complex your tax situation is, will give us a better timeline for resolution. Also note, We are aggressive in resolving your tax debt and want you to feel comfortable in letting us handling your case. Call Today to discuss your options for tax relief 855-338-8070.
How long will it take Jag Tax Relief to get involved?
We get involved immediately. Once you are a client of ours, we will make contact the same day. Whatever the current situation, we will help immediately. Typically most of our clients wait till the last moment or have exhausted all other resources. We are prepared to take IMMEDIATE ACTION. So whether that is a wage garnishment, bank levy, aggressive phone calls, letters, etc. we will deal directly on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to call and find out what we can do to help. Call NOW at 855-338-8070.
How much can I save?
Each individual case is unique. We have been successful in saving our clients thousands of dollars as well as settling cases for a fraction of the amount owed. If you call Today and speak with one of our Tax Consultants we can determine more accurately how much you can save. Call Now at 855-338-8070 to find out.
How do you know if I qualify?
At Jag Tax Relief, we use same guidelines as IRS to determine what kind of tax relief your qualify for. Our professional staff know the laws and can determine with relatively accurate figures if you qualify or not. Therefore, you can make an informed decision before hiring us. To find out call Today at 855-338-8070.
How do I get started?
Call Today to discuss your options for tax relief 855-338-8070 or Fill out the free consultation form. By doing so we can determine if you qualify for tax relief and begin working on putting a STOP to any further collection activity by the IRS.

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